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We are thrilled that you want to be on the show and share your insights and and your story with our Fortunes and Families followers.Profitable Ethical Practices and Marriages Worth Millions are more than just a nice ideas. We believe that every entrepreneur can have both a profitable business AND a rewarding marriage.
Gina and Brett interview and discuss the strategies that will increase the ROI in the Boardroom and the Bedroom.
Brett focuses on the barriers and mind traps that keep entrepreneurs locked into a holding pattern never fully accessing their fullest potential. Whether you are making millions, or just hoping too, we all have mental barriers that limit us. Join Brett and share your Practice Break Throughs.
Please complete the form below and submit it for review. Let us know which segment you want to be on, or if you want to be on both. Complete the form and you will be redirected to the appointment calendar. When we get the form and your appointment, we will review the request and confirm your date.
About the interview:
Our goal is for a light, fresh, live feel. A loose script will be discussed, but the conversation needs to flow naturally.
Please make sure you are using a high quality mike/headset so that you can be heard well. There is no need to rush out and buy a fancy stand mike, but the better you sound the better it will be for your followers.
Once we confirm the call, you will be sent details about the phone # and code to use.
Our podcast is approx 30 minutes and we will need about 45 minutes to get everything we need. We will do some light editing, and post production work. Please be prompt so that we can stay on schedule.
If you will be calling in over a VoIP system, please ensure that your internet connection is stable and fast.
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