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Brett interviews driven success leaders and discusses the strategies that lead to true and profitable change, and how to navigate those changes with the best outcome. He looks at real struggles and the triumphs that follow. 
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Our goal is for a light, fresh, live feel. A loose script will be discussed, but the conversation needs to flow naturally.
Please make sure you are using a high quality mike/headset so that you can be heard well. There is no need to rush out and buy a fancy stand mike, but the better you sound the better it will be for your followers.
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Our podcast is 30 to 60 minutes depending on the conversation. We will talk briefly before to get acquainted and make sure everything is working well. We will do some light editing, and post production work. Please be prompt so that we can stay on schedule.
If you will be calling in over a VoIP system, please ensure that your internet connection is stable and fast.
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